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Application Development
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Game Development
(Mobile, Web)
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Application Development (Mobile, Web)

Tamari Lachashvili
Project Manager

“For us - to create a product is like raising a child. It seems you start with clean sheet,and start thinking: “what is our goal”? Getting the desired result requires a lot of thought and hard work. Process is life for us from a concept to a perfect product. And finally the pride from your creation. It’s like watching your child grow up from behind the scenes and evolve into a successful person.”

Game Development (Mobile, Web)

“We have been creating our own games for mobile and desktop, for more than 9 years now. Our titles span different genres and have been played by more than 3 million people. “As millenials we all grew up playing games. If you ask us what makes a great game? To us there a few components: the emotions behind the challenges, the visuals and .... We have been creating our own games for over 9 years in all types of genres. We don’t just make them, we are kind of addicted to them.”

Guram PM


“We can support you at any stage of development. We take what you give us, perform UX research and then the fun begins. We implement the research finding into your software and enrich your user’s experience.”

Synergy Partnerships:


“We genuinely believe society needs more innovation and more people building new things and we can speed up your journey by providing business advice, resources and our networking.”

Framework & Tools

We have developed our own framework and tools to optimize development processes,

decrease the number of issues and simplify team member collaboration.

• Unity 3D

• Flutter

• React Native

• Amazon Web Services

• Google Firebase



• C#

• Dart

• React Native

• 3D Studio Max

• Photoshop

• Premiere

• Cinema 4D

We Promise. We Deliver.

Martivi Logika

One of the most popular game in Georgia
860K+ unique users
in a country with 3.7M population ≈ 23%

We are currently working on Martivi Logika 2 and are preparing for our international launch

Partnership: Georgian Public Broadcaster

Martivi Logika

Sotto Ciompi Sopra

Application aimed to let users remotely visit Piazza Dei Ciompi and explore the history via recorded archives. We have included five time periods from first century to current times. During the development we went through complex R&D processes and found the best techniques and methods to execute photorealistic scenes, while keeping high performance on mobile devices. Sotto Ciompi Sopra has no analog in the App Store and Google Play Store. Client: Florence Municipality

Video Streaming


Video on demand based application similar to Youtube for broadcasting live TV channels and radio, including but not limited to streaming videos and displaying written news.

Platform: Mobile, Web

UPO: Alien Rescue

Space mission, where you fly between planets
to pick up aliens using gravity force
and avoiding collisions with asteroids

Grand Prize Winner of APPODEAL

Weekly 2nd best arcade game in UK

Weekly best action game in UK

Weekly overall 4th application in UK

Cheswood Knights

Real-time strategy based on the legendary board game rules.

We took best from chess and transformed it into a fantasy medieval adventure of Chesswood Kingdom fighting against zombie intruders.


Similar to TaskRabbit, P2P marketplace for diversified on-demand services

Our startup funded by GITA


 A platform providing Job Seekers and Recruiters with precise instant matching, considering general information, interests, and most importantly personality traits.

Also funded by GITA


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